Tis Me You See

Thought I’d let on to just what I really look like! This is a rather nice photo of me beside my quilt “Tara” at the Sydney Quilt Show. I rather like this particular quilt, although was not as happy with it when I first finished it as I am now….

Guest Speaker

I was recently invited to be a guest speaker at a local patchwork store in my area, Patchwork Angel. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning, showing off some of my quilts which haven’t been aired for a while, and had a lovely time talking to a group of ladies about…

Painting with the Children

My children both love doing fabric painting, too. I drew the pictures onto the fabric for them, and away they went. The car is done is metallic setacolour paints, and is quite sparkly. They are going to become cushions that will eventually be donated to disadvantaged children.