Butterflies & Birds

Just in case you are all starting to think that I’ve been doing nothing, which, yes, actually I have been doing a lot of ‘nothing’, besides reading Harry Potter (love those books), thought I had better do a post to show that I have been doing something, too…unless you want a book report on HP? No? rather sewing stuff??? oh, o.k…..

Anyway, here’s the result of me playing with a few ‘new to me’ techniques. Firstly, did some sunprinting, secondly, played with lutradur. About time, too, that Lutradur has been languishing for well over a year in my drawer. I enjoyed working with it, I painted it, stitched it and cut it, that’s the butterfly wings, that is. I’m rather happy with the results, and it was fun to make. Thought I might call it Summer’s dance, even though it ain’t summer here (wild & woolly here right now). I thought that the name of the butterfly too long winded to put into the title (that’s the Small Green-Banded Blue, in case you were wondering) and I figure that the botanical name won’t mean squat to most people, unless you’re an insectologist……don’t imagine too many of them reading my blog….
Anyway, speaking of native wildife, despite the shocking weather, earlier today a pair of king parrots came to visit me today, sat in the tree next to my verandah, and the female hopped on the railing for a closer look…it was lovely….can see a quilt in there somewhere. Besides the parrots, there were 4 kookaburras, 1 magpie, several blue faced minors and the usual noisy minors. That’s a lot of wet birds prancing about the garden all at the one time, it’s like the whole neighbourhood of birdlife hopped in at the same time for 15 minutes then disappeared again. I rushed off to get the camera…batteries flat…grabbed the sketchbook instead. Then sat inside, in the semi-darkness (blackout happening) drawing birds. (Isn’t it amazing that the moment the power blacks out, it’s like everything you want to do needs electricity, even just switching on the reading light) Roight, now I’ve kept the ornithologists happy with that little story…I’ll be back…with another bird quilt, just you wait and see.