Wot, more birds?!!

Yes, more birds – Rufous Fantal this time. This little piece is a case of ‘what can go wrong, will
go wrong’. But all was saved in the end. It measures 40cm x 40 cm, a nice little size to work on. Rather pleased with the results despite all the stuff ups I had to endure to get there. It’s a wholecloth piece, dyed and painted, then free motion embroidered & quilted. And no, I’m not going to tell the world what those stuff ups were, they’re a ‘trade secret’ now!!

I made it for a challenge, but, alas, was rejected. Sob, sob, my first rejection – oh well we all must suffer at least one of those, and at least it wasn’t on a perfectly executed, masterfully constructed, flawless piece (not that I’ve made any of those, either).

Back to the drawing board, on with the next bird, or something else… might surprise you all and do something completely different! Cheerio till next time, dear readers.