I’ve had a mad traditional moment, and have made a new quilt for my bed. But, when I say mad, I mean really stupid mad. I decided to make it double sided, didn’t I. So, we have a queen size, double sided project, which sounded like a really good idea when I was designing it, but by heck, trying to stitch it all together, and keeping the perfectionist at bay was quite a trick. Eventually the perfectionist portion of me just gave up and said “I don’t give a damn, just get this stupid quilt finished”, which is what the sensible side of me did. Anyway, whilst it is mighty fine, and my bed doesn’t mind all the stitching flaws, (puckers, misaligned points, wobbly borders etc etc) it is finished, and I am pleased with the overall design,and it was all made from stash fabric. But, viewers, be warned, doubled sided quilts are HEAVY. Not good for sleeping under, at least the bed looks nice in amongst the jumble and weary bedroom. I really should paint the walls and replace the holey carpet..oh well, when I stop sewing long enough I’m sure I will!

The “back” of the quilt and the “front” of the quilt

Just to prove it really is double sided!
Quilting patterns were based on the pansy fabrics used.