New Year New Fun

Boy, it’s been a while since my last post – that’s what happens when you get busy with end of school stuff, christmas, summer holidays. The holidays have once again drifted by in a blur of relaxation, swimming, humidity, rain, family and friends. And the last week has been the busy preparations ready for the new school year. So, soon to have time to myself again. But never fear, the sewing machines were buzzing away nicely in between all that stuff – dressmaking though. I don’t know what other sewers are like, but I just don’t like what the shops have to offer, the pants never fit me, and I much prefer going to fabric stores, fondling all those fabulous array of dress fabrics and buying that, rather than traipsing endlessly from boutique to boutique. And now that my daughter is in ladies sizes, I find myself doing a double dose for her as well. I might have turned quilter, but the dressmaker in me remains a permanent fixture.

The other evening whilst mucking about on the computer, I did a big splurge purchase on threads, got the lovely squishy parcel in the mail a few days later. All these lovely greys! Some really lovely browns, a few blues and a smattering of red/purple/orange. I bought the Isolon threads this time, haven’t used them before, but I think I will be very happy with how they perform in the machine.