Exhibition Success

Good morning, dear readers. I do apologise for being so slow to tell you all about how well our exhibition was, despite the rainy weather, which got so much worse afterwards, poor Queensland has been awash! Anyway, back to the exhibition, which went very well, and I am happy to report that I sold 3 works off the wall! That’s the best I have done so far in a show, and sales table items proved to be extremely popular too. I almost feel like a Proper Artist now – probably would help if I did less housework and more artwork! Thank you to all that bought my works, I do hope you enjoy owning them as much as I enjoyed making them.
Anwyay a very good and generous friend helped out with setting up and manning the gallery, and he wasn’t even a part of it, just did it for us because he wanted to. So, how could I not give him a little gift to repay his generosity? Best way for me to do that was hit the paint pot and sewing machine! And here is what he got:

I was very pleased with this little piece, just seems to sing a bit of happiness, and I do so love the wild weeds & grassy look. He was very happy to receive it as well!