Makin’ Backpacks

I’ve been busy this week sewing backpacks. This is a little one that I designed for my children when they were kindy kids. They got used to death, a very handy size. I have been refining and writing up th pattern to sell, and this is the “demo” model I have made to show it off. It has a zip across the top and the front pocket is velcro’ed shut. The yellow fabric is my own hand dyed, and the blue print has been hiding in the cupboard for years – a remnant I bought to make little girl’s clothes out of, but little girls all grew up before I could decide what to do with it!

And this one is an adult sized backpack. Once again, I made the pattern years ago when I wanted one for myself. My original backpack I made from hand dyed cotton drill and copped heaps of use, had the zipper replaced and now looks pretty tired and worn. So for the updated model, I thought I’d use the matching print I had to the child’s backpack, which turned out pretty colourful and funky! I’ve written up the pattern and will have it available soon for all backpack lovers. This one has more pockets than the little one, with the front pocket zippered, side pockets and a pocket inside. It’s also lined whereas the little one is not.