What I have been up to

The other day I attended a very interesting workshop, on “How to Facilitate an Arts Workshop”.  It was very educational, stimulating, and a good grounding for my workshop planning skills.  I’d say that now I’m pretty well set to go for starting teaching next week at Patchwork Angel.  There could be one or two places left in my Machine Embroidery workshop if you are interested.  I was amongst a fantastic and diverse group of artists, and it was really good brainstorming with them.  New artistic friends are always good!

On the quilting front, I am nearly finished a piece to enter into the Qld Quilt Show, so sorry, no peeking or hints on what that is about, other than to say it is very different from anything I have done so far, more textural, bordering on abstract (although not quite), but has been an interesting learning curve for me to understand the principles of design in abstract form much better.  I have really enjoyed making this piece, so look forward to sharing it with you when it gets exhibited.  So nearly time to decide on my next project ….