Curved Piecing Workshop

In just over a week, I will be teaching the Curved Piecing Workshop.  I thought I would talk a little about what this is all about, as there is a couple of spare spaces, and I might just inspire one of you to come along!
In this workshop, I teach two techniques that we can use to join curved pieces together from the surface, which is so much easier than  trying to do a traditional seam.  It’s a bit like appliqueing a quilt top!  It’s very versatile and fun to do.  It can be used for both making curved quilts as well as pieced backgrounds for you to applique and stitch over the top of.
But more importantly, I want to encourage and help others to find their own creativity, so we focus on how you can create your own designs.  I break down some of the elements of design in a simple way and using a basic approach can come up with a myriad of designs to piece. 
Understanding the principles of design are so much easier when broken down into a small task and applied in a hands on way. 
To the right is a little snippet of a quilt I used this technique on and then added painted applique shapes over the top along with lots of stitching.

So if you can join me, then please do come and have an enjoyable day!  See my teaching schedule page for more details.