Using Flat Rods for Hangng Quilts Smartly

Was talking on a forum about using flat aluminium strips for hanging quilts with. This is a really neat way to hang quilts and present them in a professional manner. I have taken some photos to show everyone just what I was talking about. The aluminium strips I buy come in 4 metre lengths, but I can have them cut to size when I purchase them. (Contact your nearest aluminium supplier). They are cut to be a little shorter than the quilt measurement. This is the sized aluminium that I use, although some friends of mine use a narrower strip for smaller quilts.
I get my husband to drill the holes in each end. Through this hole I tie a small loop of fishing line and this loop is used to hang the quilts in a gallery situation.


Here you can see how I do a flat rod pocket to accommodate the rod. If I know that the quilt will be hung at a quilt show with the large dowel rods, I do a double pocket, with the underneath one flush for the aluminium strip, and a larger one on top with extra room for the fat rods.


And here you can see how the quilt sits flush to the wall. I am now following the example of other artists and attaching a second rod pocket to the bottom of the quilt for a bottom rod to be placed in. This then weights down the bottom of the quilt to keep it 100% flat from top to bottom. (note that the way I have hung it with a string and one hook is not as good as 2 hooks, one for each side, but unfortunately I don’t have proper gallery style hangers in my house, yet!)