Challenge in Machine Stitching

Dancing Buddha

Thought I would share with you the 2nd of numerous buddhas I have done, but this is the only one that so far is not a quilt. It is a free motion machine embroidery. It measures 26cm x 30cm, so it is not real small, but all you fellow stitchers can appreciate just how long it takes to fill up a piece of fabric that size with machine stitching. It was done using straight stitch only and mostly rayon machine embroidery threads. I really enjoyed doing the figure, that was great fun, but boy, was the background tedious work! Typical of me, though, start a very ambitious project without really thinking through just what is involved in making it, then halfway through I think “this is harder than I thought it would be”. It’s good to be challenged, though. As for my passion for buddhas, that hasn’t abated yet, so I expect I’ll be doing more again in the future, or maybe there’s a Hindu deity or 2 just waiting to pop up in quilt form?