Oh, My Has it Been That Long?

Gosh, I am a slack blogger, 2 months since my last post! Lucky you’re all not on the edge of your seats in anticipation of the next stunning instalment……
Maybe I’ll just keep you all waiting a bit longer bef ore showing you another quilt, whaddya reckon??? No? Oh, well, have a peek at this one then

This little piece is called “Alien Oddity” and was a challenge quilt. Had to use three small pieces of commercial fabric, and the theme was space, or something like that. Got a highly comended for it anyway. Alien is saying to his girlfriend “No, Suzie, we’re the only intelligent life forms in this universe”. See what happens when you read too much of The Far Side – your artwork becomes tainted with weird humour!
Twas very fun to make though.
O.K. are you all happy now? I have come, blogged and returned back to blogspace oblivion.