Challenge Piece

I had 2 challenges sitting on my desk to be done, so what does one do, but do a double whammy and combine the 2 into 1! The first challenge was to use a piece of Australiana print fabric, and mine was a colourful aboriginal print, which had some interesting sections that I fussy cut. The second challenge was to use some cardboard shapes I was given, being a 1″ octagon, 1″ square, elongated hexagons of 1″ and 2″. Now fitting these little shapes was easy…until I tried to fit in the 2″ elongated hexagons. They were very tricky to include. The challenge rules was to use at least 2 shapes, one of them being the octagon, which meant I didn’t have to use the annoying 2″ hexagon, but a challenge being a challenge meant I just HAD to do it.

So there you go, and the results I called “Tribal Dance”. And the best bit was that instead of doing the traditional paper piecing by hand method, I prepared the pieces in the same way (over the papers), but then stitched it together by machine using a small zig zag stitch, what fun!!