Hanging the Quilts for a Show This Weekend

Just in case you thought I’ve been quietly doing nothing (and yes, I admit it, there has been plenty of that going on this year) I thought I should inform you all, dear readers that I have had a very busy week preparing for my group’s bi-ennial quilt show. Today was set up day, and I was in charge of the quilt hanging. I have already done it a few times, so that makes it easier. We had some excellent teamwork happening, and it all buzzed along very happily. I never know what quilts or how many we have to hang, but somehow, every (second) year, we always manage to get the number of quilts pretty well matched to the number of places we have to put them. Right now the Peachester Hall is choc-a-bloc and looking pretty good. So if you live in the SE Qld region, need something to do this weekend, here’s your solution!!! At the Peachester Hall, Peachester Road, Peachester (got that?) Saturday and Sunday, opens 9am, closes 4pm saturday, a bit earlier Sunday. And yes, you will see some of my quilts there, too – 4 of them to be precise!